Down with the Headcanons
22. Peeta worked as a baker from home. One night, he flew to the Capitol to do the finishing touches on Venia’s wedding cake. This was the first night Katniss spent without Peeta, but with her children in her arms, her need to protect overrode her need to be protected and she had a nightmare-less night.
21. Katniss thought that District Twelve’s demise was her fault, but in reality, she was the reason it ran as smoothly as it did. The day she left, the Hob began to shut down and the Peacekeepers were more “professional”.
20. Everyone thought that Darius - the loved Peacekeeper of District 12 had been nothing but a jokester. But he wasn;t kidding when he asked Katniss for that kiss.
19. Buttercup died when Katniss’s daughter was 12. Katniss buried him among the primroses.
18. After finding out about what Finnick went through as a victor, Katniss felt that she had to know the rest of the victors stories. She had so wrongfully judged Finnick; bought into what the Capitol had wanted her to see. She wanted to know that truth behind the victors of The Hunger Games. To know the worst of the Capital’s horrors.
17. Beetee had never been particularly good looking, so he had escaped being sold and, because of his cleverness most assumed that he was spared the horrors that other victors endured. However it was because of his cleverness that Beetee was tortured. He had been a rebel since he first won the games and the capitol knew it. He had endured soft torture for years, but never gave in. Despite being brainwashed to the point that Snow thought there was nothing to worry about, Beetee’s longing for the rebellion won over and he was an essential part to the operation.
16. After Haymitch lost his family, he fell in love with a fellow victor named Flare. They kept their love secret for three years, but the Capitol always finds out. She was murdered to punish him just as his family had been. It was then that he realized why exactly they had kept it a secret and what he had known since they killed his family: they would never stop punishing him. So he took to the bottle and decided that no one would ever fall victim to his love again.
15. Katniss held on to Gale for as long as she could. But she had always known that he was never going to be him. The love she felt for Gale was as real as the love she had felt for Prim. But it wasn’t right. Once Gale married, he was finally able to see it too.
14. Prim had known she was going to die that in the war. She had known that Coin wouldn’t let her on the front lines without a hidden agenda. But she had also known that she was as qualified a healer as anyone that they would send and that countless lives would be spared. Her life seemed like a small price to pay.
13. Gale had known since the first time he and Katniss kissed that he wasn’t the one. Their fire burned, but it was nothing compared to the ember that was her and Peeta. That didn’t make him give up. He fought for her until hope was truly lost.